The field of Medicine and specifically Cancer has developed rapidly over the years through Research and Development (R&D) of new drugs, drug combinations and treatment strategies. In reality, each new drug has to go through 10-15 years of R&D before being approved for use by doctors. When studied in cancer patients for safety and effectiveness, R&D is called Clinical Trials.

In the field of Cancer, recent progress in Immunotherapy and Precision Medicine has resulted in improved outcomes in cancers such as Lung, Breast, Colon and Melanoma. Many new strategies are now being studied across the world with the World Health Organisation (ICTRP) database suggesting at least 2800 new cancer treatment related trials registered in 2017 alone.

Despite the vast number of studies, it still is a challenge to provide patients with access to clinical trials where actively studied newer therapies and strategies may offer the possibility of better outcomes. Patients, caregivers AND Oncologists have limited tools to help identify suitable trials outside their site of care.

With Oncoshot you can now narrow down the list of thousands of ongoing clinical trials to a short list of high value trials that are personalised to your specific condition. With this information, you are empowered to have an informed discussion with your Oncologist and contact clinical trial sponsors for further information on trial eligibility and enrolment.

How Oncoshot Can Help You?

Oncoshot uses an advanced algorithm to match your profile with an extensive and specialized database of Cancer Clinical Trials from across the world. The Search outcomes provide you with a list of highly relevant and meaningful Clinical Trial options to suit your particular Cancer case. Get started now by creating your profile.

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