Our Unique Patient-Trial Matching Approach

Oncoshot leverages on the advancements in Online Clinical Trial Registries and translates clinical trial requirements into a customised and focused solution that is now useful and actionable to Patient, Caregivers and even Oncologists.

Since our solution is focused on the very specific and nuanced domain of Cancer, our search methodology allows for high-value results which are meaningful to you. You no longer need to prioritize search results on the basis of location as the initial starting point. 

With an overview of highly relevant trials, you can use Oncoshot as your personal roadmap to chart your path through the Cancer Clinical Trial landscape together with your Oncologist.

Step 1: Building Your Profile 

Oncoshot is best used as a Profile-based search that prioritizes clinical trials by the extent to which you match with an individual trial’s Eligibility Criteria. 

You can use our patient-friendly questionnaire to create your Patient Profile, providing relevant details of your particular condition such as cancer type, cancer stage, previous and current treatments and non cancer medical history. You can always contact Oncoshot support staff if you require assistance with filling up any part of the same questionnaire.  

Step 2: Review, discuss and prioritise your options with your Oncologists

Step 3: Communication.
We assist you in communicating with the relevant Trial Coordinators or Trial Investigators to help you with your enrolment into Clinical Trials which you and your Oncologist are keen to explore. 

You choose the specific trial sponsors you wish to connect and share your information with. 

With your profile-trial matching scores Oncoshot provides an opportunity for meaningful interactions with trial sponsors and rapid pre-enrollment screening for such trials.

How Oncoshot Can Help You?

Oncoshot uses an advanced algorithm to match your profile with an extensive and specialized database of Cancer Clinical Trials from across the world. The Search outcomes provide you with a list of highly relevant and meaningful Clinical Trial options to suit your particular Cancer case. Get started now by creating your profile.

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