Your Collaboration with your Oncologist is Central to the entire Cancer Treatment Process. We advise you to cover the following discussion points with your Oncologist:

  • The Standard Treatment Options: First understand and analyse all aspects of the relevant ‘Standard Treatment Options’ for your Cancer Type and Stage. Know your Benefits, Risks, and Prognosis with such treatment options. 
  • Explore available Cancer Clinical Trial Options: You can begin by asking your Oncologist about the Cancer Clinical Trial options relevant to you at the hospital or clinic you are receiving your care at. Your Oncologist may also be familiar with clinical trials in nearby centres and in the region that may be relevant to you. 
  • Review ‘Your Cancer Clinical Trial Options from Oncoshot’: Collaborate with your Oncologist to review and analyse ‘Your Cancer Clinical Trial Options from Oncoshot’. On the Oncoshot Platform, you can systematically review all the details of each Cancer Clinical Trial option like the Eligibility Criteria, the Enrolment Status, the Enrolment dates, the Trial duration and other essential details. The Advanced Search-Tool and the Filters on Oncoshot help you find ‘Highly Relevant Cancer Clinical Trial Options’ specific for your Cancer type and Stage.  

Many Clinical Trial parameters need to be evaluated and clarified in detail before you can narrow down on the exact trials matching your condition. Your Oncologist can help you understand the Cancer-related nuances of the different options and select the suitable ones for you. 

How Oncoshot Can Help You?

Oncoshot uses an advanced algorithm to match your profile with an extensive and specialized database of Cancer Clinical Trials from across the world. The Search outcomes provide you with a list of highly relevant and meaningful Clinical Trial options to suit your particular Cancer case. Get started now by creating your profile.

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