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What is Oncoshot’s role in your Cancer Treatment Plan?
What is Oncoshot’s role in your Cancer Treatment Plan?

Oncoshot is your 'Personalised Roadmap' to navigate Cancer Clinical Trials

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Oncoshot leverages on the advancements in global Clinical Trial Registries and translates complex trial requirements into a customized and focused solution that is useful and actionable for both patients and Oncologists. Since the Oncoshot solution is focused on the very specific and nuanced domain of Cancer, our search methodology allows for high-value results which are meaningful. With an overview of highly relevant trials, you can use Oncoshot as your personal Roadmap to chart your Cancer Treatment Plan with the support of your medical team.

Find the Right Cancer Clinical Trials for Your Specific Condition

Oncoshot is best used as a Profile-based search that prioritizes clinical trials by the extent to which your profile matches with each specific trial’s Eligibility Criteria. 

You can use the user-friendly questionnaire to create your Patient Profile - providing relevant details of your particular Cancer case like Cancer Type, Cancer Stage, ongoing Treatments, Location, etc. You can contact Oncoshot support staff if you require assistance with filling up any part of the same questionnaire.  

Because we are cancer-focused, you can now use powerful filters that allow you to specifically review cancer-specific interventions such as immunotherapy, precision medicine, and radiotherapy, which may be of particular interest to you.

Explore Cancer Clinical Trial Options Broadly 

At a very basic Level, you can always use Oncoshot to manually explore the different Cancer Clinical Trial options based on diagnosis. Even this broad approach is likely to offer more help than current available tools as our cancer-specific filters (as mentioned above) are still available to help you organise your trial results better.

Let us know if you need help on setting up your profile. We're always here to help!
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