As a Cancer Patient, information about the Cancer Clinical Trial landscape has become more accessible to you, caregivers and Oncologists compared to ten years ago. 

There are now several ways by which you can search for suitable Clinical Trial Options on your own: 

1. Manually search through various Cancer Registries such as – a process which can be time-consuming and challenging to make sense of.  

2. Search on generalized, multi-disease websites like and Antidote.Me 

3. Seek the assistance of Physicians who may only be able to provide clinical trial options conducted within their center. A holistic overview across multiple trial centers and countries is typically challenging given that there are hundreds to thousands of trials which they may not be able to review manually. 

4.Seek the assistance of Tumour Specific Support Groups – typically involve a manual search process conducted by Research Co-ordinators who start searches on the basis of location or trial sites which they may be collaborating with. 

Each of these options has its challenges. They are either too time-consuming or lack the focus and objectivity required by you, your family and Oncologist to identify suitable trials on the basis of how relevant they are to your specific cancer condition.

Oncoshot's methodology of matching specific information about your condition against eligibility data captured on each clinical trial, regardless of trial sponsor, trial site or location, means that you now have an objective tool to help explore highly relevant clinical trials. You can then prioritise your options based on factors such as location, cancer specific treament types (including immunotherapy and precision medicine) as well as genomic profiles which were never previously possible at scale.

How Oncoshot Can Help You?

Oncoshot uses an advanced algorithm to match your profile with an extensive and specialized database of Cancer Clinical Trials from across the world. The Search outcomes provide you with a list of highly relevant and meaningful Clinical Trial options to suit your particular Cancer case. Get started now by creating your profile.

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