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How to access a shared profile
How to access a shared profile

This article contains explicit instructions for a doctor on how to access a shared patient's profile on Oncoshot

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Step 1: someone shares a profile with you

Please see explicit instructions on how to share a profile with a doctor

Step 2: receive email

After someone invited you to the organisation you will receive an email like this. (Please check your SPAM folder)

Step 3: set password (only for new users)

Click Get Access button in the email and you will see this page in your browser. Type in your preferred password and click blue button (>)

After password is set the confirmation will be shown

Step 4: login

After password confirmation, the login prompt will be displayed. Please type in your email and your password

After your fist successful login you will be shown consent screen. Tick the box and click Submit

Step 6: view shared profile

After consent you will be shown profiles shared with you.

Click on a patient profile card to see matching trials

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