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FAQ: InSite Feasibility
FAQ: InSite Feasibility

More information on Oncoshot's end-to-end feasibility platform

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Does Oncoshot tap additional information from patient records?

Hospitals are required to sign a waiver of consent by the Institutional Review Boards (IRB) to share data with Oncoshot on a commercial basis. The use of the data is strictly confined to the purposes of conducting feasibility studies. Oncoshot will revisit existing agreements with hospitals when other use cases for the data emerge.

Do you integrate hospitals’ Electronic Medical Records (EMR)?

We do not work with EMR at hospitals. The relevant informatics teams from various hospitals independently enter de-identified data into structured fields, after which it is parsed by Oncoshot’s patient-to-trial matching platform.

Are you able to connect trial sponsors to sites as and when they need to curate more data for a particular patient?

We do not currently offer this service.

Does the data from trial sites include Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) reports?

We do enter NGS reports into the system, though only gene-level information is displayed at the moment. However, we do have the technical capabilities to narrow down searches to more specific genetic information, should this be required by a larger proportion of users.

How exactly does Oncoshot match patients to trials?

Oncoshot’s AI-powered platform parses anonymised patient data that’s manually entered by hospitals, according to specific data fields.

Do you use retrospective data?

The system stores two years' worth of patient data.

How is patient data re-identified at trial sites?

Trial sites typically use a unique alphanumeric ID known only to the clinical trial unit/physicians. This ID facilitates internal re-identification by either research coordinators or investigators. These institutional IDs are not accessible to Oncoshot.

Apart from public and private hospitals, what sources does Oncoshot obtain data from?

We also obtain data from individuals who independently search for clinical trial matches by signing up as users on Oncoshot’s website. These patients are required to provide explicit consent to provide their personal data to be anonymised and shared with the intent of finding matching trials.

What trials are shown on Oncoshot?

We only show trials that are active, as most patients with cancer diagnoses seek treatment urgently.

Can I change the overall status of a trial?

Yes, trial sponsors can update the overall status of a particular trial using InSite Feasibility.

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