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Oncoshot & Roche Foundation Medicine - Unlock untapped potential of Next-Generation Sequencing
Oncoshot & Roche Foundation Medicine - Unlock untapped potential of Next-Generation Sequencing

An introduction to Oncoshot’s collaboration with Roche Foundation Medicine and how it can benefit your patients.

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Harnessing data from genomic information

Working with Roche Foundation Medicine (FMI), Oncoshot has designed a digital platform that allows busy oncologists in Singapore’s leading private cancer practices to tap into precise genomic information to:

- Accelerate cancer clinical research through feasibility studies

- Improve patients’ clinical outcomes by matching them to cutting-edge trials

Doctors can sign up to receive automatic notifications on new genomic profiles generated by Roche Foundation Medicine, along with suggested clinical trial matches. They can then use the Oncoshot platform to review and edit the de-identified data at one glance, in an easy-to-digest format. The platform provides population-level insights that enables clear trial feasibility assessment and helps facilitate discussions on clinical trial opportunities

Bridging gaps in precision oncology

As much hope as next-generation sequencing (NGS) brings, the rapidly advancing field faces limitations. With a patient’s genomic information evolving over time, reports generated by NGS service providers can rarely be harnessed to provide accurate insights into cancer patient populations. This is largely due to inefficiencies caused by relying on hard copies of genomic reports, as well as ill-maintained trial registries that do not competently capture the status of cancer trials within Asia.

Not only does this prevent cancer practices from tapping into valuable insights from clinical genomic data when planning their cancer trials, it also effectively precludes patients from potentially life-saving treatments. Through our digital platform, oncologists are able to gain real-time analytics on cancer patient populations, based on the most recent NGS reports provided.

How does it work?

Automatic notifications

Receive updates from Roche Foundation Medicine about new, anonymised, patient profiles when you order a NGS test from them.

Improved patient insights

Review and edit a patient’s data according to 9 data fields.

Accurate, up-to-date trial matches

Use Oncoshot’s AI-powered tool to match your patients to relevant clinical trials in real time.

Transformative data analytics

Access insights on patient populations to accelerate your clinical trial enrolment process and plan new trials.

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