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How to edit a patient's profile
How to edit a patient's profile

This article contains explicit instructions for doctors and organisations on how to edit a patient's profile

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  1. Select 'Edit Profile' to edit your patient's profile.

  2. You will be brought to this page. Select 'Start' to begin editing your patient's profile.

  3. An 11-step questionnaire will guide you through the profile creation process.

    Step 1: Edit patient's name, reference number and location if necessary.

    Step 2: Edit patient's contact details if necessary.

    Step 3: Edit patient's gender and date of birth if necessary.

    Step 4: Edit patient's current general fitness level if necessary.

    Step 5: Edit patient's current cancer diagnosis and related treatment details if necessary.

    Step 6: Edit patient's known mutations of the tumour from genetic screening of blood specimens if necessary.

    Step 7: Edit patient's current cancer stage if necessary.

    Step 8: Edit patient's completion of standard treatment options if necessary.

    Step 9: Edit patient's existing medical conditions if necessary.

    Step 10: Edit patients recent test results if necessary.

    Step 11: Provide any additional information or notes and select 'Submit'.

  4. A pop-up will be shown upon successful completion of the profile.

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