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InSite Feasibility

How Oncoshot leverages data to accelerate clinical trial initiation

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Why are trial enrolment rates so low?

According to GlobalData, only 15.3 per cent of the oncology clinical trials initiated in 2019 were completed. A total of 55 per cent of the reasons for early trial termination pointed to low accrual rate. While trial sponsors can mitigate poor enrolment rates by conducting feasibility studies, their effectiveness are limited by outdated historical data that does not provide an accurate picture of cancer populations.

InSite Feasibility: finely tuned insights based on relevant data

Harness quality insights into cancer patient populations in Singapore and accelerate clinical trial enrolment with InSite Feasibility, Oncoshot’s end-to-end feasibility platform. The first-of-its-kind initiative integrates leading healthcare institutions and industry partners in Singapore to facilitate accurate feasibility studies based on solid, up-to-date data.

We’ve worked closely with trial sites to harness the de-identified data of 30-40% of the country’s newly diagnosed, living cancer patients over the last two years. This data is refreshed every three months for optimal relevance. Utilising Artificial Intelligence technology, Oncoshot translates this data into near real-time analytics revealing which patients match specific trials, according to pinsharp criteria such as their cancer type, stage and layers of genomic information. The latter adds a degree of precision for those planning targeted therapy studies.

Safe and efficient data exchange between trial sites and sponsors

Our intuitive platform connects oncology companies to trial sites by integrating hospital partners into the feasibility assessment process. Trial sites are incentivised to complete a Rapid Collaborative Feasibility Questionnaire within 72 hours, thereby wrapping each feasibility study efficiently. Streamlined into a single form containing incisive questions, this does away with the need for time-consuming follow-up questions between trial sites and sponsors.


Accurate and clear feasibility reports

Razor-focused on oncology research, Oncoshot’s AI-powered patient-to-trial matching tool parses real-time patient data to confidently answer your most pressing question: are there enough eligible patients who can ultimately help me arrive at my targeted research outcomes? We break down this information according to 13 data fields, with the capability to assess 741 genetic mutations and 6363 alterations.

Seamless workflow management

Designed to be integrated into digital work flow systems, our platform allows you to catalyse cutting-edge research by offering crucial insights - including competition analysis.

Hear from trial sites within 72 hours

Efficient cross-engagement between trial sites and sponsors is now possible, thanks to our streamlined feasibility questionnaire and automated system.

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