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How Oncoshot leverages data to improve your patients' clinical outcomes
How Oncoshot leverages data to improve your patients' clinical outcomes

An introduction to Oncoshot’s trial matching tool and its benefits.

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Why do I need Oncoshot as an oncologist?

Clinical trials are an avenue for cancer patients to receive cutting-edge therapies yet to be made available in the market. However, existing inefficiencies may prevent you from presenting your patients with their full landscape of treatment options via such trials. Oncoshot’s digital trial matching tool helps you match cancer patients to only the most relevant clinical trials in real time, based on their unique profiles and updated information from trial sites. This helps you to improve efficiency by removing the need to manually trawl through trial registries, while giving you the assurance that you leave no stones unturned in thoroughly assessing your patients’ clinical options.

How Oncoshot’s trial matching tool helps cancer patients

With novel cancer therapies being developed at an unprecedented rate, clinical trials present enormous potential in improving cancer patients’ clinical outcomes, especially considering those who have exhausted their standard treatment options.

However, the traditional drug development pathway can take up to approximately 15 years, which is a significant hurdle for patients battling a life-threatening disease. By helping to accelerate clinical trial enrolment for such patients, our platform offers them access to potentially life-saving treatments in good time.

How Oncoshot’s platform works

Powered by our proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology, Oncoshot matches cancer patients to ongoing clinical trials based on an incisive list of criteria including their cancer diagnosis, tumour type plus mutations and other underlying physical conditions. These have been curated by a senior oncologist. You can fill the data fields when editing your patient’s profile.

Our clinical trial database is sourced from global public registries such as and regularly updated. We also work closely with our network of partner hospitals and cancer research organisations to ensure that the trials featured on our platform contain updated and accurate information.

Oncoshot's AI-powered platform runs on a semi-automated system to ensure precise matches. Our inhouse clinical research assistant and senior oncologist evaluate cancer clinical trial matches that have been attained through our algorithm, for greater accuracy.

What to expect from Oncoshot’s trial matching tool

The Oncoshot platform matches cancer patients to global clinical trials in a concise and well structured manner. You can view, at one glance, the trials he/she has been matched to, according to matching scores.

The tool also features filters based on specific strategies that are employed in cancer care - such as precision medicine, immunotherapy and combinations, and locoregional therapies.

Given the current focus on therapeutic trials, only therapeutic trials are restructured and available for recommendation on our matching engine. You can, however, still view all trials in our broad listing.

You also have the option to contact respective trial sponsors at the click of a button.

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