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Oncoshot Features for Oncologists
Oncoshot Features for Oncologists

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Keeping you updated on the latest cancer clinical trials

Searching for cancer clinical trials around the world relevant to your patients can be manually inefficient and time-consuming. However, our unique AI algorithm streamlines the search process for you by sifting through cancer clinical trials globally. Only relevant and concise trial data is sent your way through automatic notifications.โ€‹

Discover new treatment possibilities for your patients. Stay connected to the wider oncology ecosystem.

As an oncologist, you will be able to receive automatic notifications on the latest cancer clinical trials. Simply sign up to Oncoshot with your e-mail address to receive regular e-mail notifications on new cancer clinical trials.

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Building a complete and accurate profile

Oncoshot is best used as a profile-based search that prioritises cancer clinical trials by the extent to which your patient's profile matches with each specific trial's Eligibility Criteria.

The more complete your patient's profile is, the higher your chances are in finding the most relevant and meaningful cancer clinical trial options for your patient. Profiles that are at lease 85% complete have the best chance of finding high-value trials. Additionally, ensuring your patient's profile is accurate ensures that you will be provided with equally accurate search results of relevant cancer clinical trials. As such, it is important to update your patient's profile regularly with details that have changed in his or her profile by referring to the latest records of reports, scans and investigations.

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Transformative data analytics

Access insights on patient populations to accelerate your clinical trial enrolment process and plan new trials. Presented in an easy-to-digest digital format, comprehensive reports show you exactly how your patient profiles match ongoing trials conducted at your clinic.

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